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About Us - Introduction
Who we are
Ra Foundation is a Mumbai-based registered NGO where like-hearted individuals come together and become agents of change.
Our key areas of focus are Health and Education, what we believe are the pillars of a fulfilling life.

In July 2004, the Foundation began its first community program by delivering health awareness sessions in Pratiksha Nagar at Sion, Mumbai. Then it started a women’s self-help group (Prerna Bachat Ghat) with the aim to encourage them to save up for medical purposes.

A turning point occurred in 2006, when, while supporting a little girl who had been living on the pavement of CST station with her blind parents, Ra felt the urge to get engaged in providing quality education to vulnerable children from lower socio-economic backgrounds, thus developing  the Happy Kids Program.
Our guiding philosophy
Ra Foundation believes in community empowerment as opposed to a direct charity model.

We believe that education is not just a recognized fundamental right: it is a powerful force to make a breakthrough from the cycle of poverty and to bring about change in society.

However, it doesn’t simply imply being enrolled in a school guarantees one to be effective and fully functional, but requires a caring, nurturing, safe and healthy social and physical environment.

We work with a few students at a time. We cannot change the world at one go, but it is our sincere belief that if we can help a few to change their world, it would make for an inspiring beginning.