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About Us - Our Team
Sonali Jain
Sonali Jain - Program director
has over 15 years of work experience in social and community service. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work.
Vaishali Dhruva
Vaishali Dhruva - Program coordinator has over 10 years of experience in monitoring and evaluating social and community projects. She has a MA in Education.
Neeta Lakhote
Neeta Lakhote - Program officer
has completed her professional training in social work and has over 10 years work experience, especially at grassroot level.
Nadia Vitari
Nadia Vitari - International coordinator and fundraiser
has a MA in International communication and has worked and carried our research projects in cross-cultural communication and semiotics, gender issues and journalism in Italy, USA, South Korea and Finland.
Conception Silveira
Conception Silveira - Counselor
has over 8 years of experience in students/career counseling. She has worked with Akanksha Foundation and with the Corporate Social Responsability teams of various companies. She has a MA in Applied Psychology.