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In need of Sponsorship
Bhayeshri Girasa - 17% Funded Rs. 1,74,000 to go
Bhayeshri Girasa (2007) lives with her grandmother as her father left before she was even born and her mother ...
Ujjwal Ghaiwat - 46% Funded Rs. 1,13,348 to go

Ujjwal's(2007) father passed away when he was just 2 weeks old. He used to stay with his mother, elder siste...

Ambika Kalal - 10% Funded Rs. 1,74,500 to go

Ambika Kalal’s (2000) father passed away due to alcohol and drug abuse and her mom left her and her younge...

Ra’s Happy Kids Program has been designed to help socio-economically deprived, especially vulnerable children develop their potentials to the fullest, with the aim of building a happy and highly knowledgeable generation and thus a brighter future.

Through qualitative and holistic education in reputed and well-established residential schools, the program wishes to have an impact on their intellectual, emotional and physical well-being. Ra acts as their foster parent to cater to all their needs and requests, wishing to provide them with the best of opportunities like we would for our own offspring.

Here you can read the stories of the kids now part of Ra’s family.

Karan Ramesh Jagdhane
Jyotshna Naidu
Rehan Shaikh
Babli Gupta